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OP365 by Torsion - Optrium

The exponential increase of shared files, folders, and team sites shared is creating significant security and compliance issues that admin-oriented tools can no longer handle in real time based on reports provided to IT teams.

OP365, powered by Torsion IS, offers Real-Time Governance with a high resolution user-oriented (project managers, team leaders…) allowing them to control, revoke, assign the necessary rights and access to their data while having knowledge of their contents.

Users constantly share business data and with external parties.We can’t stop data being shared with the wrong people.
Noone in IT know why it was shared, if it was appropriate, when access should be revoked, or who should decide. Access just sprawls out of control. IT teams using manual processes and tools, get completely overwhelmed…

Indeed, it is the users who master the reasons for this sharing, better than the IT, which has no knowledge of the contents.