Cyber-attacks, a serious threat for every organisation in the world

For example, in France, one in two businesses has no cyber security programme. This represents a huge risk for the unprotected, who are vulnerable to all types of IT attack. >> READ MORE

25th May 2018: GDPR coming soon!

The GDPR law has become headline news over the last few months and for the following reason: it becomes law on 25th May 2018, in budget terms, that’s tomorrow… >> READ MORE
December 2017

Using artificial intelligence for data discovery and classification?

In these days of BIG DATA, meaning more and more impressive volumes of data (so less and less controlled) – the question of content management has never been asked as often! >> READ MORE
September 2015

Running a migration project

The only two pronouncements made at the beginning of a migration project are about the quantity of data and the date for the end of the project. If the first question can be confirmed, the second cannot; it is often theoretical, even impossible without a thorough prior study into the structures in place. Indeed these structures can often be major obstacles to desired expectations. >> READ MORE
September 2014

La récente actualité autour d’Orange a renforcé les craintes de piratage des données. Les entreprises se protègent de murailles logiques plus ou moins hautes alors que les statistiques montrent clairement que la fuite de données (data leak) provient pour plus de 60% de l’intérieur !>> READ MORE
June 2014

Archivage vs Messagerie

EXCHANGE 2013 reiterates the same assertions about its archiving capability as the 2010 version. >> READ MORE
March 2014

A winning approach

Just a few years ago, companies were only beginning to discover archiving. Since then, the market has grown enormously and it has become difficult to find a way through the mass of solutions on offer. >> READ MORE
December 2013

Archiving : back to basics

Business has used electronic archiving for many years now, first of all for solutions for email then for file servers and SharePoint .These solutions suit economic archiving (for reducing volume), legacy archiving (content management) and also legal archiving when the need arises. >> READ MORE
September/October 2013

Sophos mobile control

The disparity of mobile phone providers alongside the vast range of Smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices no longer allows businesses to limit themselves to one single model. Imposing a single model on their users, personally used to a wide range of features and functions, implies diversity…of risk. >> READ MORE
May/June 2013