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Phishing is one of the main cybersecurity threats, for individuals as well as for businesses. In France, the annual number of victims is estimated at two million.


Phishing is a scam that involves stealing personal data such as bank details, login IDs, or sensitive information of all kinds. .


There are on average about 70 Web addresses that are involved daily in phishing attempts. In 2017, 30 000 sites and URLs were blocked in France.


Most of the time the fake email technique is used. You receive an email from your bank, from your internet provider, or from another entity asking you to “update” your bank details or login credentials.





The Web page (or the content of the email) used for this purpose appears at first glance to be secure and identical to that of the usurped entity. So, it’s hard to notice anything wrong and realise that you’ve been deceived. Once your contact details have been taken, they can be exploited without your knowledge.


93% of phishing threats come from emails, the remaining 7% correspond to fake web pages, or even spam or pop-ups..


You may have already received alerts indicating that you have won a contest that you never participated in? This is a typical phishing attempt.

                                      HOW CAN YOU AVOID IT?


First of all, you have to examine the message carefully, especially the consistency of the sender’s email address, then the quality of the spelling and visuals, which can quickly alert you to the fraudulent nature of the email.


Many websites also make it possible to verify the authenticity of a URL as for example Phishing-initiative.fr


If you are a victim of this type of fraud, quickly contact the real organisation if you have filled in sensitive data. In particular, if you have given your username and especially your password, consider changing it as soon as possible.


To strengthen your company’s defences, Sophos Phish Threat has a library of fake emails destined for employees to trap them and then tell them the nature of the trap. A scoring of their reflexes is available on the platform to assess areas of weakness and to empower your users through interactive training, explanations and good practices to follow.


Optrium will accompany you in setting up this solution in your company in order to allow your administrators to test how good the reactions of your employees are when faced with this type of threat.

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