Vulnerability management – Correlation and analysis of logs – Security

  • This cloud service provides immediate and comprehensive visibility into the vulnerabilities of your computer systems and the latest Internet threats, so you can protect yourself.
  • Using this service, identify threats and monitor unplanned changes that occur on your network before they become loopholes.
  • Based on one of the world’s leading security and compliance platforms, this service saves you significant resource and deployment costs associated with traditional software products.
  • Easy deployment, usability, unparalleled scalability and successful integration with other business systems. A service used by large companies around the world.
  • Simple, cost-effective and automated solution to enable businesses, e-commerce and outsourcing service providers to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
  • This standard provides useful recommendations for securing payment cardholder information against possible security breaches.
  • Cloud-based service that correlates data on external threats with internal company vulnerabilities.
  • It also allows the IT team to automatically prioritize remediation tasks such as patch deployment and risk mitigation.
  • Cloud-based IT asset inventory service, free of charge, enabling your company, regardless of size, to search for information on any asset on which an agent is deployed, all on a fleet that can hold up to several million assets.
  • It takes only a few seconds to locate IT assets around the world thanks to this service that is constantly automatically updating.
Solutions includes

  • Systems
  • The web
  • Messaging
  • Networks
  • Mobile et devices and MACs

Your confidential data needs to be protected, in your interest but also to comply with external regulations. Sophos solutions enable flexible security policies to be developed. This will allow users to access, share, store and retrieve data securely.

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  • Optimum performance on encrypted computers
  • Performances optimales des ordinateurs chiffrés
  • Single console to manage all encryption related activity
  • Possibility to choose the encryption functions you need
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  • Combines data, endpoint and messaging security for comprehensive data protection
  • Full encryption of disks, files and messaging
  • Improved disaster recovery options
  • Homogeneous DLP policies for all end systems and emails
  • Endpoint protection that blocks malware and controls devices, applications, data and network access.
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  • SafeGuard Easy: Fast and easy disk encryption for your laptops and desktops.
  • SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac: Protecting Macs with our disk encryption technology.
  • Mobile Control: Data protection, policy compliance and mobile device control.
  • Email Appliances: The power of our technology to secure your data Our appliances include antispam, DLP (data loss prevention) and encryption
  • SafeGuard LAN Crypt: Allows you to encrypt your file shares and decide which employees are allowed to access your data