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Optrium • Newsletter Mars 2021



Putting management of access rights back at the heart of data governance


For several years now and especially since the arrival of GDPR, all tools relating to data have focused on situation and action reports. More concretely, data is classified in order to identify which is sensitive, event audits are carried out to see who has done what on the system...

But, in this world, global management of access rights, fundamental in terms of security, is somewhat excluded. Whilst it is important to know what is in a file, it is also critical to know who has access and who can authorise that access.


In this time of working remotely, the exponential increase in the number of shares (internal and external) of files and folders is a source of major security and compliance problems. We need more than ever to map access rights as well.


This mapping is a difficult task for IT because it does not have all the information required about the choices, reasons and needs of users. While the latter will continue to manage the “to whom and why”, IT must ensure the “how?”, which basically means with which security measures sharing may or may not take place.


With the OP365 solution, IT will empower the user to share data under its supervision, letting the user do as he/she pleases but within a pre-established security range. And that is the challenge of the OP365 solution, within the integrated SaaS mode (so without deployment), within the ecosystem of the Microsoft 365 suite.

OP365 aims to provide the user with a simple tool allowing him/her to:

  • Identify employees with whom their data is shared.
  • Share easily by justifying and time-stamping their action.
  • Correct an unsuitable share (revocation of rights).

IT can offer referred users various security labels which, once applied, define the range of possibilities in terms of sharing. All actions are tracked and take place within a defined security framework.


Another advantage is that the system allows IT to organise recurring certification campaigns. Each designated user will then have to validate (or invalidate) the access authorisations granted to their data. This certification process integrated into the Microsoft 365 suite enables regular results to be posted to IT, which remains in control of the process. The mapping of all the rights of a system is thus validated by designated users.




In short, OP365 is a way to ensure data sharing compliance by involving users and offloading IT from a task whose inputs are not always communicated to them.


Extremely easy to install – just one connection – and use, the OP365 solution can be set up quickly with just one test (POC).

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