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Governance is everyone’s business


Data management should not just be the responsibility of IT. It is everyone’s business and it should be handled collaboratively.

The exponential increase in sharing (internal and external) files, folders and team sites, is creating significant security and compliance issues. Our current climate, in which teams are encouraged to work remotely, is magnifying this phenomenon.

Each user knows his/her own data, the collaborators involved in the projects and the sharing requirements better than the IT team which has to supervise requests without knowing the basics. Users are the ones best able to assess the reason for a share, its validity period as well as its revocation, depending on their plans and needs.

In this collaborative spirit, which has become a necessity, the SaaS OP365 solution allows data owners (those who manage projects, BU or teams) to be able to work, both in real time and within a defined framework, the principles of governance on Microsoft 365 collaborative shares (SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and File Share) without having to depend on IT services

IT managers retain the technical supervisory role by defining IT security rules related to company policy and its business lines.

The process thus becomes collective; the user is directly involved in the Governance process. This operation has the dual advantage of efficiency and increased responsiveness compared to management performed solely by IT.

While lightening the burden on IT managers and empowering users, OP365 provides a response to GDPR and Data Governance requirements.

It is because we are convinced that data governance is a team effort in which several functions and departments have to collaborate that Optrium offers OP365, a SaaS solution which is fully integrated into Microsoft 365 and which is particularly suited to today’s challenges.

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OP365, saving time for the IT Team and making users more responsible.

This new collaborative governance solution for Microsoft 365 revolutionises security management within companies. We met with Jean-Baptiste Ibar, Optrium’s project manager, who explained how it works.

an you explain the principle behind OP 365??

Jean-Baptiste Ibar : OP 365 is a SaaS solution which is deployed and automatically updated in the cloud.
From an IT perspective, it takes a bit of upstream configuration work but represents a real time saver afterwards as the principle is to let the end users take charge. In real terms, this means that the IT manager will edit the security policies for all business functions. Once this rule has been published to all SharePoint sites, then end users can take control. Managers of groups who are involved in the project and who know the ins and outs of it will be able to add or delete users, assign rights, manage shares etc. They have freedom in the management of their project groups, but this freedom is bound by the company’s rules and security policies. Of course, the solution itself is super secure; each customer account is separate and only authorised people have access. One of the advantages of this solution is that it automates the management of rights.

What are the features for end users?

JBI : OP365 interfaces with the entire Microsoft range: SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive and it applies to all Windows file shares. There is also the possibility of interfacing with Azure Microsoft Information Protection and so classifying data. For example, sensitive data that is important in the context of GDPR can be identified .
The user interface is friendly and intuitive. OP365 integrates directly with the user’s usual interface without the need to log in again. The additional functionalities appear: give and withdraw sharing rights, add or remove a person, assign temporary or permanent sharing rights. All choices have to be justified.

The user benefits from a comprehensive Dashboard that highlights problems and allows them to be resolved immediately without technical knowledge by pressing the options offered. At a glance, the user can access the list of group members with details of their rights; this list is editable.


How does a project managed with OP365 work?


JBI : The solution is automatically deployed in Azure, an admin panel is made available to the customer. The connections to the Tenant Windows 365 and all configurations are centralised in this administration panel.
It then appoints the business owners who will manage the solution, and it educates and trains them.
Training is more about mastering skills and empowerment rather than training in the technical sense of the word. The aim is to involve everyone in the smooth running of IT. OP365 allows collaborative work between technical teams and other departments. This operation allows IT to save time and close security breaches whilst delegating rights management to business teams.

What feedback do you get from users?


JBI : Feedback is very positive. Management and IT teams appreciate the time savings and the increased security. End users, on the other hand, appreciate being autonomous and being able to act without asking anyone. This innovative product has no current equivalent. It is a real step forward in general awareness of the importance of data security in the business world.



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