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Governance and Cybersecurity
of Information Systems

With technological advancements such as cloud computing and remote work, the threats to data security are multiplying. In this context, the Zero Trust security model is emerging as an essential approach to counter these growing risks.

Zero Trust challenges the implicit trust granted to users based on their perimeters, which prevails in traditional models. It considers that every access to resources, even within a company’s network, is potentially unreliable. Thus, Zero Trust requires constant verification and rigorous controls.

Optrium - Zero Trust

Optrium assists companies in implementing governance solutions for access rights, MFA, and Identity Analytics.

  • Optrium addresses potential risks of sensitive data exposure associated with the use of Copilot within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. By offering access rights governance solutions, it ensures granular and secure management of these rights, thereby countering the inherent vulnerabilities of using assistance tools such as Copilot.
  • Optrium also meets the evolving needs of companies by providing mail archive migration solutions. By ensuring the integrity and traceability of migrated data, Optrium enables you to securely migrate these archives to the environment of your choice.
  • Optrium collaborates with your IT teams to implement and optimize all governance-related solutions, while strengthening the necessary skills to maintain a secure environment. From design to implementation, we are present at every step, providing continuous technical support to ensure the success of your project.

How to protect your sensitive data?

Collaborative governance of access rights

Collaborative governance of access rights

  • Ensure strict control over permissions with an access rights management solution.
  • Define and track user rights granularly, ensuring optimal security.
Identity Governance

Identity Governance

  • Gain deep insights into user activities with an Identity Analytics solution.
  • Quickly identify abnormal behaviors and anticipate potential threats to proactively strengthen your security posture.
Deviceless Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Deviceless Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Enhance access security with a deviceless MFA solution.
  • Protect your sensitive data by adding additional layers of authentication, ensuring robust protection against threats.
Email Archive Migration

Email Archive Migration

  • Address the evolving needs of your business through email archive migrations.
  • By ensuring the integrity and traceability of moved data, ensure a secure migration of your email archives to the environment of your choice.

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