Email Archive Migration

Migration of email archives to cloud or on-premise systems

Transvault - Mail archive migration solution

Many Connectors
Transvault is a flexible solution supporting numerous sources of email archives such as Enterprise Vault, Dell EMC/SourceOne, Metalogix, and .pst, .msg, or .nsf files. This solution enables migration of your email archives to various systems such as Microsoft 365, Exchange, Enterprise Vault, or simply exporting your archives in .pst, .msg, or .nsf formats. Transvault assists you in all your email archiving system migration projects.

Integrity and Traceability
Throughout the migration process, Transvault ensures data integrity by providing detailed reports. The solution also allows for the construction of a chain of custody to ensure a high level of traceability for the migrated archives.

In addition to ensuring the integrity of migrated data, Transvault offers remediation tools when any data incompatibility with the destination archive system is detected.

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