OP365 to manage compliance of your Microsoft 365 access rights.



  • Decentralized SaaS Solution
  • Modular Management of Audited Storage Areas
  • Integration with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)
  • Pricing based on the number of user members in Azure AD
OP365 - Access Rights Audit

Access Rights Audit

  • Continuous and real-time audit of access rights within the Microsoft 365 environment
  • Compliance rules to ensure adherence to company policies
  • Integrated remediation tool directly within the solution
OP365 - Compliance

Compliance Management

  • Collaborative compliance management through designated business owners
  • Compliance rules to ensure adherence to company policies
  • Built-in remediation tool integrated directly into the solution

With OP365, Involve your users in the rights review process.

Collaborative Governance

Compliance with access rights requires collaboration between users and their assigned business owners to audit their access rights.

OP365 allows solution administrators to assign business owners to company resources. Each business owner is then responsible for ensuring access rights compliance within their assigned scope.

OP365 - Collaborative Governance

OP365, ensuring compliance with your access rights.

OP365 - Collaborative Governance

Access rights management tailored to your company’s needs.

The OP365 solution facilitates the implementation of review strategies tailored to businesses by allowing administrators to define compliance classifications.

OP365 is then capable of generating a list of compliance incidents based on the current compliance classification. This system thereby facilitates the remediation work of compliance incidents carried out by the referents.

With OP365, Involve your users in the rights review process.

An audit and remediation tool.

The OP365 solution automatically and continuously maps the accesses and data within your Microsoft 365 environment. This comprehensive inventory is analyzed by the solution to identify potential threats.

OP365 enables both business owners and administrators to effectively neutralize these threats by providing a remediation tool directly integrated into the solution.

OP365 - An Audit and Remediation Tool

Involve Users in Data Access Management

Access Rights Governance Managed by business owners

OP365 is a user-centric tool enabling secure, collaborative governance of access to company data.

Defining who needs access to what data, for how long, and why requires a deep understanding of the data itself. This decision naturally belongs to data managers rather than IT, who lack content knowledge.

Among data security and compliance solutions, OP365 fills the gap in user-driven data access governance within Microsoft 365.

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