Varonis for audit and event governance



  • Scalable SaaS solution
  • Supports your SaaS applications, file servers, databases, and directories
  • Integration with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)
  • Priced per user
Varonis - Audit and Analysis

Audit and Analysis

  • Continuous audit of permissions and events
  • Automated and configurable reports
  • Identification and classification of sensitive data
  • Real-time alerts on abnormal events based on behavior analysis
Varonis - Compliance


  • Correction of vulnerabilities and compliance of overexposed sensitive data as well as misconfigured permissions
  • Modeling of permission changes and their impacts
  • Integrated remediation tool (with sandbox)

With Varonis, Detect threats within your IT environment

Continuous auditing for real-time alerts.

Thanks to continuous auditing of events and permissions, Varonis provides visibility across all your systems. By centralizing this information, Varonis provides the context your teams need to reduce your company’s potential attack surface.

With the DatAlert tool, Varonis alerts you in real-time about these various threats and enables you to quickly and effectively correct detected vulnerabilities.

Optrium • With Varonis, detect threats within your IT environment.

Varonis reduces the risk of errors

Optrium • Varonis reduces the risk of errors.

Flexible and automated remediations.

When a vulnerability is detected and a remediation action is chosen by an administrator, Varonis can simulate the impact of these changes in a sandbox environment. This modeling enables solution administrators to make informed decisions and reduce the risk of errors.

Varonis offers numerous pre-configured security policies to automate the remediation of certain risks.

Varonis ensures compliance of your data

Audit, classification, and compliance.

With Varonis, ensure compliance of your data with regulatory standards such as GDPR by identifying your sensitive data and the potential risks they face.

Reduce the risk of data loss with Varonis’ audit tools, automated remediation, and customizable reporting capabilities.

Optrium • Audit, classification, and compliance

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