TrustBuilder to protect your accesses

TrustBuilder - Flexibility


  • Scalable SaaS solution capable of managing several million users
  • Compatible with most modern authentication systems
  • Once deployed, connecting to a new platform is just a few clicks away
  • Pricing based on the number of users
  • Adding new connections incurs no additional costs
TrustBuilder - security


  • Offers numerous authentication options (MFA deviceless, MFA passwordless, MFA standard, 2FA…)
  • Centralized access management with the TrustBuilder IAM solution
  • The only ANSSI-certified solution with a sovereign SaaS. France Cybersecurity labeled.
  • Proprietary OTP authentication algorithm for enhanced security.
TrustBuider - User Experience

User Experience

  • Automated management of identity lifecycle to reduce IT team workload
  • No need for smartphones for MFA
  • No need to re-authenticate with SSO option
  • Centralized and flexible authentication management

TrustBuilder for Simple and Secure Authentication


Multifactor Authentication Tailored to Your Needs

TrustBuilder secures data access with a SaaS multifactor authentication system certified by ANSSI.
The deviceless MFA solution enables secure authentication without the need for smartphones or physical keys.

TrustBuilder transforms smartphones (Apps), computers (applications), and browsers into trust tokens to ensure secure and tailored authentication.

Optrium • TrustBuilder

TrustBuilder seamlessly integrates with all your applications.


Optrium • TrustBuilder

A comprehensive and scalable solution.

TrustBuilder seamlessly connects to your various directories, applications, IAM, and CIAM solutions to help you secure your access.

This allows TrustBuilder to provide your users with a consistent and secure authentication experience across all your environments.

For solution administrators, this system enables centralized and straightforward identity management.

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