Deviceless Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Secure access management with TrustBuilder

TrustBuilder - Deviceless MFA and identity management solution
Identity Management
TrustBuilder simplifies resource access by offering identity administration and flexible access rights management. As an IAM (Identity and Access Management) platform, TrustBuilder helps identify, authenticate, and secure access to sensitive data.

Secure Authentication
TrustBuilder streamlines multi-factor authentication (MFA) by providing a secure and user-friendly SaaS solution. With its proprietary algorithms, TrustBuilder is the only ANSSI-certified SaaS platform. TrustBuilder also offers advanced authentication features such as deviceless MFA, allowing users to securely authenticate without needing to use their smartphones.

The TrustBuilder solution is compatible with most modern authentication systems such as OpenID Connect, SAML, Radius, LDAP. TrustBuilder also provides development kits (SDKs) to interface with systems not yet supported by the solution.

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