RadiantOne A governance solution that adapts to your needs.



  • Multi-environment solution capable of interfacing with numerous directories, applications, and databases
  • SaaS or on-premise installation leaving no footprint on your tenant (non-intrusive)
  • Scalable solution capable of managing over 100 million users
  • Pricing based on the number of connections analyzed
Intelligence artificielle AIDA

Artificial Intelligence AIDA

  • Automates and simplifies the rights review process
  • Provides reviewers with context behind each access right
  • Suggests remediation actions and allows bulk processing with just one click
Identity Analytics

Identity Analytics

  • Centralization and correlation of identities associated with each account
  • Rights reviews based on identity analysis
  • Access and identity data history for comparative analysis or event tracing

Collaborative Access Rights Governance

With RadiantOne, safeguard your organization’s data by securing access rights across all your systems. This multi-environment identity management provides administrators with the necessary context to ensure access rights compliance.

Optrium • RadiantOne

A rights review based on identity analysis.

Optrium • RadiantOne

Identity Analytics to facilitate rights review.

RadiantOne enables bulk rights reviews based on identity, roles, and user behaviors.

This process simplifies identifying security gaps, providing visibility and context to users conducting the rights reviews.

Speed up the rights review process with AI.

Rights review assisted by AIDA, the RadiantOne AI.

Based on RadiantOne’s Identity Analytics, AIDA can guide users throughout the rights review process.

AIDA provides reviewers with context behind each access right and suggests appropriate remediation actions for each situation.

Optrium • RadiantOne

RadiantOne provides visibility into all your data.

Optrium • RadiantOne

Centralized management of identities and access rights.

Each identity is associated with numerous accounts and access rights that must be monitored to protect your data.

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